A Few Questions to Ask Before Buying a Cloth Mask

These are a few questions I've recently been asked about my cloth masks that I think would be helpful to anyone who is going to purchase a cloth mask.

1. Is it double lined?

2. Does it follow CDC guidelines? (Available on my website at the bottom of the page).

3. Does it use ties or elastic? How many ties are used to secure it? Can it fit anyone's head?

4. Do you have a size for children?

5. Do the masks reach under the chin and cover the nose?

6. Does the mask go around the ears or the head/neck?

7. What material is the mask made of?

8. Is the mask machine washable and dryer safe without altering its function or shape (CDC guidelines)?

9. Are these custom made or imported?

10. Does it reach the sides of the face and fit snug enough? (I've found that elastic does not always fit everyone unless it is measured exactly).

11. When you blow through the mask, can it blow out a candle flame (aka the mask test)?

If there are any other questions you would ask, comment them below!

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